The Propel Companies were founded by Hans Lindberg in 2012.  In the process of building his first two hotels, Hans saw opportunity with the constant finger pointing and lack of problem solving experienced among the third party contractors, architects and operators hired to complete the project.  He immediately started the wholly owned suite of entities known today as The Propel Companies.  


The Propel Companies were established to realize economic and time efficiencies that exist in the development lifecycle but are not taken advantage of due to lack of a uniform goal among non-related third party developers, contractors and managers.  The stated goal of the Propel Companies is to provide a fully integrated platform for development of top tier nationally flagged limited service hotels in class A markets.  


The Propel Companies consist of three entities: Propel Development, Propel Construction and Propel Management.  All companies work exclusively for each other and exclusively within the hospitality industry.  The unique company structure allows for control of the process from land acquisition through construction and operations. This control has historically allowed the Propel Companies to complete and open hotels with a cash surplus realized from on time and under budget execution.  

Propel Management, LLC.  |   777 E. Sonterra Blvd. Suite 100   |   San Antonio, TX 78258  |   210-446-3180